Sunday, 30 January 2011

in stock @ Selfridges! the end of last week I decided to have a pop along to Selfridges to to see my cushions in the store....and there they were on the 4th floor of Oxford st London....a few pics here! if your passing go take a look! Loads of wicked stuff going on in store at the moment including a supermarket Sarah feature- which I desperately tried to find, but after being sent on a wild goose chase by staff eventually had to give if anyone can give me accurate directions that would be fabulous! I will be back for another chance to take a look!

How cute is this!

Been meaning to share this cute picture with you for ages, this is Joseph, whose mummy Eve recently ordered a 'leaf' style chair.....he is soooo gorgeous and apparently 'adores the chair,' and has even decided the chair is his....and wont let daddy sit on it any more! oh dear : S So nice to see him enjoying it! Thank you for the picture Eve, it made me day!