Monday, 24 May 2010


This weeks Romford Recorder...pg30....little article on my art in the hospital! all very nice, and it made my nans day when her neighbour popped round this morning to show her 'just how famous her grandaughter was!' Although I must say....the masses of fans outside my house desperate for my autograph are difficult to fight off!

at the candid arts

I will be exhibiting at the
Candid Arts through June with some of my art work- the initial inspiration and design work behind my textiles...and possibly some textile designs too. Entrance is free so definately pop along!!!!

3rd-13th June, 12-6pm,
@ Candid arts trust Galleries,
3 Torrens Street, Angel Islington,
London, EC1V 1NQ

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Firefly house and me! yipee

here my cushions are...lovely and happy as part of the firefly family! Visit them online!

Straight from the Art.....

Here is a small article posted about by Queens hospital...where I have recently donated some art work-awful should you pose for stuff like this??-always feels so awkward!!
To see the article in full click here!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

firefly house

Today I went and met with Russell and Jan, two incredibly lovely and welcoming individuals, from firefly house, an interior design consultancy selling amazing vintage furniture. And what's can go directly to them to view or buy my cushions, undeservingly placed among gorgeous design classics in their London based shop. Be careful cushions....because it doesn't get much better than the chairs you sit on now! Visit them at